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 What's up Doc'?  Have you bookmarked Nifter.com yet?  Great sound effects of Bugs Bunny here! Page 4 Free Bugs Bunny Sound Effects Downloads Audio Clips

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Download Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Sound Effects
Download free sound effects, audio clips and recordings of Bugs Bunny speaking (talking) and saying his favorite quotes and phrases from the Looney Tunes Cartoons television show. The irresistable character that is Bugs Bunny has been a perennial animated television favorite for decades and his popularity shows no signs of stopping. Download any sound clip of Bugs Bunny absolutely free and have some fun with the voice that everyone recognizes.
Bugs Bunny is part of the Looney Tunes characters collection of audio clips which is a sub-section of Cartoons and Cartoon Characters. These, in turn, are part of the thousands of free sound effects in the Cartoons category. The Free Sound Effects main page can be found by selecting this link.

All of the free sound clip downloads below are wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) audio files unless otherwise specified.

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Free Bugs Bunny Sound Effects Downloads Page 4

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Sound Recording of Bugs Bunny's Voice
'What do you think you're doing.'
Sound Clip of the Charming Bugs Bunny
'And whomsoever art thou in thy cast iron tuxedo?'
Bugs Bunny Audio Clip
'Don't be so danged literal.'
Bugs Bunny Audio Clip
'Ehhh, your brudda' blows bubblegum.' (Brother blows bubblegum quote)
Bugs Bunny Has a Rough Night Sound Clip
'Gad, what a night, I'll never mix radish juice and carrot juice again.'
Stretch Out Bugs Bunny Goodbye
Bugs Bunny Quote Sound Effect
'I should have gone to Wourste-sesta-sestashire.'
Short Bugs Bunny Song
'Igaty agaty oo eh eh...'
Bugs Bunny Audio in 'Funny' Voice
'My stars, where did you ever get that awful hairdo.'
Bugs Bunny Popular Quote Sound Clip
'Oh woe is me.'
Bugs Bunny Song - Bugs Sings 'Columbus'
'Oh Columbus is the discoverer of America...'
'Stood in Bed' Bugs Bunny Audio Recording
'Something tells me I should've stood in bed.'

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iFact #13 - Bugs Bunny Facts and Trivia - Part 2 of 2   (Part 1 can be found here.)

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Bugs Bunny History
Happy Rabbit (the prototype of Bugs Bunny) first appeared in the cartoon short Porky's Hare Hunt, released on April 30, 1938. The short was co-directed by Cal Dalton and Ben Hardaway. The cartoon had an almost identical theme to a 1937 cartoon, Porky's Duck Hunt, directed by Tex Avery and introducing Daffy Duck. Following the general plot of this earlier film, the short cast Porky Pig as a hunter against an equally nutty prey more interested in driving his hunter insane than running away. But instead of a black duck, his current prey was a tiny, white rabbit. This character introduces himself with the expression "Jiggers, fellers," and Mel Blanc gave the rabbit a voice and laugh that he would later use to voice Woody Woodpecker. In this cartoon, he also quoted a famous Groucho Marx line that Bugs would use many times (from the movie Duck Soup): "Of course, you know, this means war!"

 Bugs Bunny prototye, Happy Rabbit, appears in 'Porkey's Hare Hunt' 1938 Happy Rabbit's second appearance was in 1939's Prest-O Change-O, directed by Chuck Jones, where he serves as the pet rabbit of Sham-Fu the Magician, an unseen character. When two dogs enter the house of his absent master while seeking refuge from the local dog catcher, the rabbit starts harassing them, but is ultimately bested by the bigger of the two dogs. Happy's third appearance was in another 1939 cartoon, Hare-um Scare-um, directed by Dalton and Hardaway. Gil Turner, the animator for this short, was the first to give a name to the character. He had written "Bugs' Bunny" on his model sheet, meaning he considered the character to be Hardaway's property. This short was also the first where he was depicted as a gray bunny instead of a white one; the redesign having been done by Charlie Thorson (see above). The short is notable as featuring the rabbit's first singing role and also the first time he dresses in drag to seduce his antagonist. Following this short he was given the name "Bugs" by the Termite Terrace animators in honor of Ben "Bugs" Hardaway. "Bugs" or "Bugsy" as a name also fit the Bunny's early characterization, as it was popular vernacular for "crazy". In Jones' Elmer's Candid Camera Happy Rabbit encountered Elmer Fudd. In Robert Clampett's Patient Porky, a rabbit who resembles Happy Rabbit appears in a Patient Porky to trick us in thinking that 750 rabbits were born (however the design is from the cartoon Hare-um Scare-um).
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