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 You Are My Sunshine - Caylee Marie Anthony Homicied Case - Casey, George, Cindy and Lee Caylee Marie Anthony You Are My Sunshine Videos - Video Series
A series of fast moving clips related to the case of murdered Caylee Marie Anthony reveal the more notable moments of the case and conflictions by the Anthony family.

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Caylee Marie Anthony Murdered Orlando Florida Child Case
You Are My Sunshine - Notable Moments Four Part Video Series


You Are My Sunshine Video Series   (4 Videos - As Seen on YouTube)
Using a collection of fast moving clips this highly regarded video series offers an interesting look at some of the more poignent moments of this tragic case, in particular, the many conflictions and odd behaviour put forth by the Anthony family when a 'supposedly' missing three year old child's life was at stake. Whether intentional or through denial of the facts, the strange events that have unfolded certainly leave questions unanswered. Watch for yourself and see.
    You Are My Sunshine - Part 1 of 4
    You Are My Sunshine - Part 2 of 4
    You Are My Sunshine - Part 3 of 4
    You Are My Sunshine - Part 4 of 4

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