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Free Clip Art Downloads - Downloadable Clipart Collections
Index of Free Clip Art Downloads - All free downloadable clipart pictures from our clip art collections center.

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Free Downloadable Computer Clipart
Looking for free clipart downloads? Look no more! Lots of totally free downloadable computer clipart with no hassles, no risky software to install and no membership required - just free, high quality clipart pictures that you can find and download quickly.

How to Download the Free Computer Clipart Images
Right-click on the picture you wish to download and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) then choose a location on your computer to save the clipart download to.

Index of Free Computer Clipart - Clip Art Categories

Large Cliparts   Standard Cliparts   House, Home and Real Estate Cliparts

 Large Clipart Images Downloads Section SECTION 1 - Large Clipart Images
Great selection of high quality clipart in larger image sizes. The pictures in this clipart collection use a low color count with sharp outlines that make creating transparent sections in the clipart images a snap. Very useful clipart pictures that are easy to work with because of their design. (Coloring, editing, making transparent backgrounds and so on.) There are 76 categories and over 3000 pictures in the large clip art section. Return to this page to select clipart categories to view; there are links to this main index page on every clipart page.

Abstract Clipart
Agencies Clipart
Agriculture Clipart
 Choose from index on left or click to view sample Air Force Clipart
Alphabet Letters Clipart
Animals Clipart
Army Clip Art
Beverage, Drinks & Glasses
Page Borders & Designs
Buttons & Button Designs Cliparts
Calendars & Calendar Designs Clip Art
Cartoons & Cartoon Characters Cliparts
Children & Kids Clipart
Communications Clip Art
Computers & Computer-Related Equipment
Clipart of Computer Keys (Keyboard Keys Cliparts)
Cooking, Cookware, Utensils (Food Clip Art)
 Click to view sample images full size - Choose Clipart Category on left Designs, Design Clipart
Education, Schools, Teachers Clip Art
Family Clip Art Images
Fancy Numbers Cliparts
Fire Safety Clip Art Images
Fitness & Exercise Clipart Graphics
Flags of the World Graphic Cliparts
Flowcharts - Flowchart Clipart
Food Clip Art - Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit
Forms, Reports and Graphs Clip Arts
Framed Alphabet Letters Clipart
Frames and Framers - Frame Designs
Games, Pool, Billiards, Dice Clip Art
General Art Pictures (Clipart Images)
Goals, Awards & Medals Clip Art
Office Concepts
Office Objects
Page Design
Telephone Keys
Playing Cards
Real Estate
Signs General
Signs Road
Signs Safety
State Government
State Maps
Time Money
Usa Cities
Usa Landmarks
Usa Maps
Words Symbols
World Landmarks
World Maps
Zodiac Signs

 Free Clip Art Images SECTION 2 - Standard Clipart Images
Enormous collection of standard-size clip art images including both static clipart pictures and animated GIF images. Approximately 150 categories and nearly 6000 free clipart downloads in this section. Return to this page to select clipart categories to view; there are links to this main index page on every clipart page.

Thousands of animated Gifs are included in the Standard Clip Art Images section.

Aliens Clip Art
Ancient Clip Art
Animals Misc Clip Art
Assorted Misc Cliparts Clip Art
Astronauts Clip Art
Audio Clip Art
Balloons Clip Art
Baseball Clip Art
Basketball Clip Art
 Over 10000 FREE Clipart Images at Nifter.com Bats Clip Art
Bears Clip Art
Beavis and Butthead Clip Art
Birds Clip Art
Boats Clip Art
Body Parts Misc Clip Art
Books Clip Art
Bowling Clip Art
Brass Clip Art
Buildings Clip Art
Buses Clip Art
Butterflies Clip Art
Cabinets Clip Art
Calendars Clip Art
Cardfiles Clip Art
Cars Clip Art
Cartoons Misc Clip Art
Cats Clip Art
Cd Clip Art
 Over 10000 FREE Clipart Images at Nifter.com Chickens Clip Art
Childrenart Clip Art
Children Misc Clip Art
Circus Clip Art
Clocks Clip Art
Clouds Clip Art
Comics Clip Art
Companies Clip Art
Computer Clip Art
Computers Clip Art
Construction Clip Art
Creatures Clip Art
Cycling Clip Art
Dinosaurs Clip Art
Disks Clip Art
Disney Cartoons Clip Art
Dogs Clip Art
Dragons Clip Art
Drawings Clip Art
Drums Clip Art
Ducks Clip Art
Earth Clip Art
Eyes Clip Art
Explosives Clip Art
 Sample Clipart Image from the Standard Clipart Collection Faces Clip Art
Fairytales Clip Art
Feet Clip Art
Film Clip Art
Firelight Clip Art
Fish Clip Art
Flags Clip Art
Flintstones Clip Art
Foldersfiles Clip Art
Food Clip Art
Football Clip Art
Games Clip Art
Golf Clip Art
Graphs Clip Art
Hands Clip Art
Helicopters Clip Art
Hockey Clip Art
Horror Clip Art
Horses Clip Art
Inboxes Clip Art
Insects Clip Art
Japanese Clip Art
Jungle Clip Art
 Sample Clipart Image from the Standard Clipart Collection Keyboards Clip Art
Lightning Clip Art
Love Clip Art
Magic Clip Art
Mail Clip Art
Money Clip Art
Moon Clip Art
Mouths Clip Art
Music Misc Clip Art
Musical Notes Clip Art
Music Clefs (Treble, Bass Clefs...)
Nature Clip Art
Newspapers Clip Art
Office Misc Clip Art
Office_People Clip Art
Outdoors Clip Art
Painting Clip Art
Papers Clip Art
Penguins Clip Art
Pens Clip Art
People Clip Art
Performers Clip Art
Phones Clip Art
Pigs Clip Art
Planes Clip Art
Planets Clip Art
Rabbits Clip Art
Religious Clip Art
Reptiles Clip Art
 Sample Clipart Image from the Standard Clipart Collection Roadsigns Clip Art
Rockets Clip Art
Rodents Clip Art
Running Clip Art
Satellites Clip Art
Sesamestreet Clip Art
Sheep Clip Art
Simpsons Clip Art
Skiing Clip Art
Sky & Space Misc Clip Art
Smiley Clip Art
Soccer Clip Art
Spiders Clip Art
Sports Misc Clip Art
Spot Clip Art
Stars Clip Art
Strings Clip Art
Sun Clip Art
Tech_misc Clip Art
Teddybears Clip Art
Tennis Clip Art
Toys Clip Art
Trains Clip Art
Tv Clip Art
Vehicles Misc Clip Art
Watersports Clip Art
Wolves Clip Art
Woodwinds Clip Art
Science and Medicine Clip Art
Spaceships Clip Art
Startrek Clip Art
Starwars Clip Art

 House, Home and Real Estate Clip Art SECTION 3 - House, Home and Real Estate Cliparts
 Go to the Home and Real Estate Clipart Section Pictures of houses, homes, real estate property, real estate agents / brokers shaking hands with customers / people, men and women working around the house, doing yardwork, raking leaves and so forth. Medium size clipart images all related to houses, homes and the real estate industry.

House, Home and Real Estate Clipart Downloads
Real Estate Clipart (from the Large Clipart section above)

 Free Downloadable Computer clipart - Nifter.com

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #36 - Computer Icons - A Brief History and Further Information
On computer displays, a computer icon is a small pictogram. Icons have been used to supplement the normal alphanumerics of the computer. Modern computers now can handle bitmapped graphics on the display terminal, so the icons are widely used to assist users.

Icons were first developed as a tool for making computer interfaces easier for novices to grasp in the 1970s at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center facility. Icon-driven interfaces were later popularized by the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating environments.

A computer icon usually ranges from 16 by 16 pixels up to 128 by 128 pixels. Some operating systems feature icons up to 512 by 512 pixels. When the graphical output device has a smaller size, the icon size is small. Vision-impaired users (due to such conditions as poor lighting, tired eyes, medical impairments, bright backgrounds, or color blindness) may need to utilize the self-selected icon size options.

The Icon's Role in Interaction with the User
icons may represent a file, folder, application or device on a computer operating system. In modern usage today, the icon can represent anything that the users want it to: any macro command or process, mood-signaling, or any other indicator. User friendliness also demands error-free operation, where the icons are distinct from each other, self-explanatory, and easily visible under all possible user setups.

Icons may also be found on the desktop, toolbars and in the menus of computer application software such as Microsoft Word. Icons are made more user-friendly by being very distinct from every other icon. Each icon set may also have unifying features that reveal that similar icons are related to each other. Icons commonly show those traits in manners such as these:

   1. Contrasting Sizes
   2. Composition (large or small area, top/bottom, left/right, centered/perimeter)
   3. Pattern-contrast (Horizontal-striped, vertical-striped, slanted-stripes, circles, oblongs ...)
   4. Light-on-dark, or dark-on-light icons
   5. Framed and/or shadowed icons
   6. Color contrasts
   7. Fine-detail (with thin lined drawings)
   8. Animation (Animated Gifs are a popular example)

Virtually every major computer operating system has the ability to use an icon-based graphical user interface (GUI) to display information to end users; this is evident in the usage of the term "icon" in the WIMP computing paradigm (for Windows, Icons, Menu, Pointers).

Function or Program Icons
On this screen, icons are used in many ways: to represent files, folders and disk drives, as toolbar buttons, and to illustrate menu items and taskbar items.

Most computer functions in a GUI are represented by a function icon. Placing the cursor on the icon, and clicking (or double-clicking) a mouse, trackball or other button starts the function or program.

The creation of a good function icon can be considered an art form in itself, comparable to that practiced in the past in the domain of miniature painting by old masters such as Joseph Severn and Charles-Francois Daubigny.

The icon must be original, distinctive and tiny. It must be useful on a wide variety of monitors set at different resolutions. This work is further complicated by the need to create several sets of function icons for several types of views in several types of operating systems, for any given program. For instance, the GUI guidelines in one operating system might specify the need to create sets of 16, 32, and 48 pixel icons for any program while the GUI guidelines in another system might specify sets of 16, 24, 48 and 96 pixel icons.
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