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Calendars & Calendar Designs Clip Art Images - All Free Downloads Page 7
Downloadable calendars & calendar designs cliparts - Calendars & Calendar Designs pictures, images, clipart downloads
Home > Free Multimedia Files > Free Clip Art Downloads > Calendars & Calendar Designs Clipart Page 7

Index of Free Downloadable Computer Clipart
Looking for free clipart downloads? Look no more! Lots of totally free downloadable computer clipart with no hassles, no risky software to install and no membership required to download - just free, high quality clipart pictures that you can find and download quickly. Follow this link to go to the clipart index which lists the clipart categories available to choose from.

How to Download the Free Computer Clipart Images
Right-click on the picture you wish to download and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) then choose a location on your computer to save the clipart download to.

Calendars & Calendar Designs Computer Clipart Pictures - All Free Downloads
Lots of high quality clipart images to use with your calendar designs. Calendars clipart pictures include names of the months in cool designs, cliparts representing the four seasons, spring, summer, fall (autumn) and winter such as, snowmen, the sun, lightening, rain, kite flying, autumn leaves and so forth, plus objects, shapes and other calendar design drawings to dress up your custom calendars and more. All calendar clipart images are totally free downloadable pictures that are easy to edit and/or color any way you like. Because of the quality design of these clipart images, it is also easy to add transparency - to create a transparent color for a specific display or to copy and paste over another clipart image leaving one color transparent. Many ways to enjoy these cliparts and create a custom calendar you will be proud of.

Calendars & Calendar Designs Clipart Page 7

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 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads
 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads

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Site Build It!

 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads
 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads

 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads
 Click to View Free Clipart Image Full Size

Calendar Designs Clipart Downloads

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 Free Downloadable Computer clipart - Nifter.com

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #54 - The History of Clip Art - Clipart Images History - Clipart Facts & Trivia - Computer Cliparts

Part 1   Part 2

The History of Clip Art - Clipart Images History - Clipart Facts & Trivia - Computer Cliparts

Clipart History, Information & Trivia
Clip art, in the graphic arts world, refers to premade images used to illustrate all mediums. These days, clip art is used to a great extent in both commercial and personal projects, ranging from greeting cards to billboard advertisements. Clip art comes in many forms such as electronic and printed. Most clip art today is created, distributed, and used online. Clip art includes an endless variety of content, styles, file formats, license types.Clip art does not include photographs, and are strictly illustrations created from artists by hand or computer software programs.

The phrase "clip art" emerged from taking images from previously printed works and re-using them for other publishing projects. Prior to the modern advancement age and arrival of computers in publishing, clip art was used through a process known as paste up. A lot of clip art images from this era qualify as line art. In this process, the clip art images are hand cut and attached to a board with adhesives representing a scale size of the finished, printed work. The camera-ready pages are called mechanicals following the addition of text and art created through phototypesetting. Due to the increased popularity and ease of use with modern computers, almost all publishers have replaced the paste up process with desktop publishing since the 1990s.

After the introduction of personal computers: IBM PC in 1981; Apple Macintosh in 1984, the use of clip art by consumers became possible and popular through the invention of desktop publishing. In 1983, the IBM PC introduced the first library of professional clip art with VCN Execuvision. These images were used in many kinds of presentations, including business presentations. Some credit Apple Computer with introducing desktop publishing and the tools required to make it a reality for consumers, with the introduction of the Macintosh's graphical user interface GUI (graphical user interface) in 1984 and the 1985 release of the LaserWriter laser printer. Following the 1985 introduction of software maker Aldus' PageMaker, professional quality desktop publishing became possible with consumer PC computers.

After 1986, Desktop publishing developed a large demand for pre-made, electronic images as consumers began to create newsletters, brochures and other works with their own computers. Electronic clip art developed to fill the demand. Early electronic clip art was simple line art or bitmap images because of the lack of modern electronic illustration tools. With the introduction of the Apple Macintosh program MacPaint, for the first time, consumers were able to edit and use bitmapped clip art.

The T/Maker Company from Mountain View, California was one of the first triumphant electronic clip art pioneers. The company had its early roots with a word processor, WriteNow, that was commissioned for the Macintosh by Steve Jobs. By publishing small, retail collections of images under the brand name "ClickArt" T/Maker was able to take advantage of the capability of the Macintosh and to provide black and white bitmapped graphics in 1984. ClickArt's first version included a mixed collection of images that were designed for personal use. Mike Mathis, Joan Shogren, and Dennis Fregger were the the first illustrators to create clip art for professional use. These images were published in 1984 by T/Maker as ClickArt Publications.

Adobe Systems introduced Adobe Illustrator for the Macintosh in 1986. This abled private and home computer consumers the first opportunity to manipulate vector art in a GUI. This made the higher-resolution vector art possible. T/Maker published the first vector-based clip art images in 1987, despite unfamiliarity with the bezier curves required to edit vector art. Graphic designers and consumers quickly realized the advantages of vector art, though, and in the late 1980's and early 1990's, T/Maker's clip art became the standard of the industry. T/Maker was sold to Deluxe Corp in 1994, and then sold again to its main rival, Broderbund in 1996.

Many pre-computer clip art companies, including Dover Publications, started offering electronic clip art after the mass adoption of the CD-ROM in the early 1990's.

The mid-1990s introduced more innovation in the clip art industry, as well as a marketing focus of quantity over quality. Even T/Maker, whose success had been built upon selling small, high quality packages of nearly 200 images, became interested in the volume clip art market, and in March of 1995, T/Maker became the exclusive publisher of 500,000+ copyright-free images which was one of the world's largest clip art libraries at that particular time. The licensing agreement was transferred to Broderbund.

During this period, word processing companies, Microsoft included, began including clip art features with their products. In 1996, Microsoft Word 6.0 included 82 WMF clip art files. Over 140,000 media elements are currently offered in the Microsoft Office product suite.

In the late 90's, other companies, including Nova Development and Clip Art Incorporated, also pioneered the marketing of big clip art collections, Nova's "Art Explosion" series included, which sold clip art in large libraries of up to a million images.

Resulting from some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the computer software industry, including those of The Learning Company (in 1998) and Mattel (in 1989), T/Maker's clip art assets were sold each year between 1998 and 2001.

The Internet continued to gain popularity as a retail software distribution channel in the early 2000's. Companies mastered the sale of clip art through searchable online libraries, such as Clipart.com (owned by Jupiter Media), WeddingClipart.com (Letters and Arts Incorporated), and GraphicsFactory.com (Clip Art Incorporated). Thanks to the Internet, clip art is now not only sold as packaged bundles of images, but also as individual images and subscriptions to entire libraries that allow you to download as many images as you want for during the duration of the purchased subscription.

Since 2005, the clip art market has been segmented in several different ways; data type, style, delivery, and marketing method.

The History of Clipart is continued in Part 2

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