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Page 2 of Free Weather Sound Effects Downloads
Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Weather Sound Effects

Weather Recordings, Sound Effects and Audio Clips
Audio clips in the weather sound effects section include storms - hurricanes, tornados - soft rainfall, hard rain, pounding rain, rain on rooftops, flowing water, rivers, waterfalls, thunder booms and thunder claps, thunder and rain combination recordings such as thunderstorms, windy weather, wind howling, winds screeching, wind blowing sand, wind chimes (windchimes) ringing out in the weather, weather warnings like foghorns and emergency weather warnings, drips, drops and dripping water, heavy ocean surf, crashing waves and other weather-related sounds, noises and audio recordings. All of the sound clips are totally free downloadable audio files. We hope you enjoy them.

The free sound effects downloads below are all 'wave' (*.wav) or MP3 (*.mp3) files unless otherwise specified.

How to Save the Free Weather Sounds to Your Computer
When you find a sound you like, right-click on the sound effect text link and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) then select the location where you would like to save the free audio clip to on your computer.

Weather Sound Effects Page 2

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Rain Water Sound Rain Falling Rainfall Audio Effects
Rainfall - Rain Falling Sound Rainy Day Clip Rain Hitting a Rooftop (Rain on the Roof)
Rain - Thunder - Siren Howling Wind and Rain Falling Rain Drips Sound Effects
Heavy Rainfall Loop Light Rain Sound (Short) Medium Rainfall (Average Rainy Day)
Medium Rain - Louder and Longer Medium Rainfall Clip 3 More Rain Falling (*.au File)

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iFact #47 - Extensive List of Weather Terms - Weather Related Terminology / Jargon

This list of weather and weather-related terms is very extensive; therefore we have divided it into managable sections - six in total. They have been spread out over the weather sound effects pages. If you wish to follow this article on weather terms and terminology information the links below will help make navigation easier. Alternatively, the weather terms and information list follows the weather sound effects pages, for example, page one of weather sound effects also holds part one of the weather terminology list, page two has part two and so on and so forth.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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List of Weather Terms / Terminology Explanations - Part 2 of 6

A material that is able to absorb 100 percent of the radiation that strikes it.

A violent and extremely cold wind laden with dry snow picked up from the ground.

In the region of the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, a cold, dry northeasterly wind that blows down from the mountains.

Buys Ballot’s Law
With your back to the wind in the Northern Hemisphere, low pressure will be to your left and high pressure to your right. The reverse is true in the Southern Hemisphere.

The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1°C. (represented as lower case c, the calorie on food labels represents raising 1000 grams of water 1°C, represented as a capital C)

The height ascribed to the lowest layer of clouds or obscuring phenomena when the sky is reported as broken, overcast, or obscured and the clouds are not classified “thin” or “partail” The ceiling is termed unlimited when the foregoing conditions are not present.

Celsius Scale
A temperature scale (at one time called the centigrade scale) devised by Anders Celsius in 1742 and used where the metric system is in use. For water at sea level, 0° is designated the ice point and 100° the steam point.

The name applied to a foehn wind in the Rocky Mountains.

Circle of Illumination
The line (great circle) separating day- light from darkness on Earth.

One of three basic cloud forms; also one of the three high cloud types. They are thin, delicate ice-crystal clouds often appearing as veil-like patches or thin, wispy fibers.

Climate A description of aggregate weather conditions; the sum of all statistical weather information that helps describe a place or region.

Climate Change

A study dealing with variations in climate on many different time scales from decades to millions of years, and the possible causes of such variations.

Climate-Feedback Mechanisms
Because the atmosphere is a complex interactive physical system, several different possible outcomes may result when one of the system’s elements is altered. These various possibilities are called climate-feedback mechanisms.

Climate System
The exchanges of energy and moisture occurring among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, and cryosphere.

A form of condensation best described as a dense concentration of suspended water droplets or tiny ice crystals. Cloud Seeding
The introduction into clouds of particles ( most commonly dry ice or silver iodide) for the purpose of altering the cloud’s natural development.

Clouds of Vertical Development
A cloud that has its base iii the low height range but extends upward into the middle or high altitudes.

Cold Front
The discontinuity at the forward edge of an advancing cold air mass that is displacing warmer air in its path.

Cold-Type Occluded Front

A front that forms when the air behind the cold front is colder than the air underlying the warm front it is overtaking.

Cold Wave
A rapid and marked fall of temperature. The National Weather Service applies this term to a fall of tern- perature in 24 hours equaling or exceeding a specified number of degrees and reaching a specified minimum temperature or lower. These specifications vary for different parts of the country and for different periods of the year.

Coffision—Coalescence Process

A theory of raindrop formation in warm clouds (above 0°C) in which large cloud droplets (“giants”) confide and join together with smaller droplets to form a raindrop. Opposite electrical charges may bind the cloud droplets together.

The change of state from a gas to a liquid.

Nuclei Microscopic particles that serve as surfaces on which water vapor condenses.

Conditional Instability
The condition of moist air with an environmental lapse rate between the dry and wet adiabatic rates.

The transfer of heat through matter by molecular activity. Energy is transferred during collisions among molecules.

Constant-Pressure Surface
A surface along which the atmospheric pressure is everywhere equal at any given moment.

Continental (c) Air Mass
An air mass that forms over land; it is normally relatively dry.

Continental Climate
A climate lacking marine influence and characterized by more extreme temperatures than in marine climates: therefore, it has a relatively high annual temperature range for its latitude.

A cloud-like streamer frequently observed behind aircraft flying in clear, cold, and humid air and caused by the addition to the atmosphere of water vapor from engine exhaust gases.

Controls of Temperature

Those factors that cause variations in temperature from place to place, such as latitude and altitude.

The transfer of heat by the movement of a mass or substance. It can only take place in fluids.

Convection Cell
Circulation that results from the uneven heating of a fluid; the warmer parts of the fluid expand and rise because of their buoyancy and the cooler parts sink.

The condition that exists when the wind distribution within a given region results in a net horizontal inflow of air into the area. Because convergence at lower levels is associated with an upward movement of all areas of convergent winds are regions favorable to cloud formation and precipitation. Cooling Degree-Days
Each degree of temperature of the daily mean above 65°F is counted as one cooling degree-day. The amount of energy required to maintain a certain temperature in a building is proportional to the cooling degree-days total.

Coriolis Effect
The deflective effect of Earth’s rotation on all free-moving objects, including the atmosphere and oceans. Deflection is to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.

A bright, whitish disk centered on the Moon or Sun that results from diffraction when the objects are veiled by a thin cloud layer.

Country Breeze
A circulation pattern characterized by a light wind blowing into a city from the surrounding countryside. It is best developed on clear and otherwise calm nights when the urban heat island is most pronounced.

Collective term for the ice and snow that exist on Earth. One of the spheres of the climate system.

One of three basic cloud forms; also the name given one of the clouds of vertical development. Cumulus are billowy, individual cloud masses that often have flat bases.

Cumulus Stage

The initial stage in thunderstorm develop- ment in which the growing cumulonimbus is dominated by strong updrafts.

Cup Anemometer
See Anemometer.

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