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Page 3 of Free Weather Sound Effects Downloads
Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Weather Sound Effects

Weather Recordings, Sound Effects and Audio Clips
Audio clips in the weather sound effects section include storms - hurricanes, tornados - soft rainfall, hard rain, pounding rain, rain on rooftops, flowing water, rivers, waterfalls, thunder booms and thunder claps, thunder and rain combination recordings such as thunderstorms, windy weather, wind howling, winds screeching, wind blowing sand, wind chimes (windchimes) ringing out in the weather, weather warnings like foghorns and emergency weather warnings, drips, drops and dripping water, heavy ocean surf, crashing waves and other weather-related sounds, noises and audio recordings. All of the sound clips are totally free downloadable audio files. We hope you enjoy them.

The free sound effects downloads below are all 'wave' (*.wav) or MP3 (*.mp3) files unless otherwise specified.

How to Save the Free Weather Sounds to Your Computer
When you find a sound you like, right-click on the sound effect text link and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) then select the location where you would like to save the free audio clip to on your computer.

Weather Sound Effects Page 3

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Sound of Rain Falling Rain on the Roof Rain Shower MP3 Download
Short Rain Thunder Starting Rain and Thunder (*.au File) Rain Water Audio Effects
Rain, Wind and Wether MP3 Downloads - Roof Rain File Sound of a Small Waterfall
Soft Rainfall MP3 Download Storm - Stormy Weather Download Another Storm Sound Effect
Sharp Storm Point: Thunder Crack Hurricane Winds More Storm Sounds

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #47 - Extensive List of Weather Terms - Weather Related Terminology / Jargon

This list of weather and weather-related terms is very extensive; therefore we have divided it into managable sections - six in total. They have been spread out over the weather sound effects pages. If you wish to follow this article on weather terms and terminology information the links below will help make navigation easier. Alternatively, the weather terms and information list follows the weather sound effects pages, for example, page one of weather sound effects also holds part one of the weather terminology list, page two has part two and so on and so forth.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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List of Weather Terms / Terminology Explanations - Part 3 of 6

The process that creates or develops a new cyclone; also the process that produces an intensification of a preexisting cyclone.


An area of low atmospheric pressure characterized by rotating and converging winds and ascending air.

Cyclonic Flow
Winds blow in and counterclockwise about a cyclone (low) in the Northern Hemisphere and in and clockwise about a cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere.

Daily Mean Temperature
The mean temperature for a day that is determined by averaging the hourly readings or

more commonly, by averaging the maximum and minimum temperatures for a day.

Daily Temperature Range
The difference between the max- mum and minimum temperatures for a day. Dart Leader
See Leader.

The process whereby water vapor changes direct- Ely to ice without going through the liquid state.

One of the two types of dry climate—the driest of the dry climates.

A form of condensation consisting of small water drops on grass or other objects near the ground that forms when the surface temperature drops below the dew point. Usually associated with radiation cooling on clear, calm nights.

Dew Point
The temperature to which air has to be cooled in order to reach saturation.

Diffraction -
The slight bending of light as it passes sharp edges.

Light Solar energy is scattered and reflected in the atmosphere and reaches Earth’s surface in the form of diffuse blue light from the sky.

A zone characterized by a comparatively rapid transition of meteorological elements.

The separation of colors by refraction. Dissipating Stage
The final stage of a thunderstorm that is dominated by downdrafts and entrainment leading to the evaporation of the cloud structure.

Daily, especially pertaining to actions that are completed within 24 hours and that recur every 24 hours.

The condition that exists when the distribution of winds within a given area results in a net horizontal

outflow of air from the region. In divergence at lower 1ev- ells, the resulting deficit is compensated for by a down- ward movement of air from aloft; hence, areas of diver- gent winds are unfavorable to cloud formation and precipitation.

The equatorial belt of cairns or light variable winds lying between the two trade-wind belts.

Doppler Radar
A type of radar that has the capacity of detecting motion direction.

Precipitation from stratus clouds consisting of tiny droplets.

Dry Adiabatic Rate
The rate of adiabatic cooling or warming in unsaturated air. The rate of temperature change is 1°C per 100 meters.

Dry Climate
A climate in which yearly precipitation is not as great as the potential loss ofwater by evaporation.

A narrow zone in the atmosphere along which there is an abrupt change in moisture as when dry continental tropical air converges with humid maritime tropical air. The denser cT air acts to lift the less dense roT air producing clouds and storms.

Dry-Summer Subtropical Climate
A climate located on the west sides of continents between latitudes 30° and 45°. It is the only humid climate with a strong winter precipitation maximum.

Dynamic Seeding

A type of cloud seeding that uses massive seeding, a process resulting in an increase of the release of latent heat and causing the cloud to grow larger.

Easterly Wave
A large migratory wavelike disturbance in the trade winds that sometimes triggers the formation of a hur ricane. Eccentricity
The variation of an elipse from a circle.

Electromagnetic Radiation

See Radiation.

Elements (atmospheric)

Those quantities or properties of the atmosphere that are measured regularly and that are used to express the nature of weather and climate.

El Niño - The name given to the periodic warming of the ocean that occurs in the central and eastern Pacific. A major El Niño episode can cause extreme weather in many parts of the world.

The infiltration of surrounding air into a vertically nonmoving air column. For example, the influx of cool, dry air into the downdraft of a cumulonimbus cloud; a process that acts to intensify the downdraft.

Environmental Lapse Rate
The rate of temperature decrease with height in the troposphere.

Equatorial Low
A quasi-continuous belt of low pressure lying near the equator and between the subtropical highs.

The point in time when the vertical rays of the Sun are striking the equator. In the Northern Hemisphere, March 20 or 21 is the vernal or spring equinox and September 22 or 23 is the aiitunnal equinox. Lengths of daylight and darkness are equal at all latitudes at equinox.

The process by which a liquid is transformed into gas.

A roughly circular area of relatively light winds and fair weather at the center of a hurricane.

Eye Wall
The doughnut-shaped area ofintensive cumulonimbus development and very strong winds that surrounds the eye of a hurricane.

Fahrenheit Scale
A temperature scale devised by Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit in 1714 and used in the English system. For water at sea level, 32° is designated the ice point and 212° the steam point.

Fall Wind
See Katabatic Wind.

Fata Morgana
A mirage most frequently observed in coastal areas in which extreme towering occurs.

Fixed Points
Reference points, such as the steam point and the ice point, used in the construction oftemperature scales.

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