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Download Free MP3 & WAV Birthday Music - Instrumentals Page 1
Instrumental versions of birthday music in a variety of styles and tempos. All free.

Home > Free Multimedia Resources > Sound Effects & Audio Recordings > Download Free Birthday Music Instrumental Versions

 Free Birthday Music Songs and Instrumentals
Free Downloadable Happy Birthday Songs and Music
The melody to the happy birthday song was first written by two sisters over 100 years ago. Today, 'Happy Birthday to You' is sung by countless people around the world to celebrate the birthdays of family and friends. There are many versions to this song and an untold number of people have probably recorded it singing those familiar lyrics:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear (person's name celebrating the birthday),
Happy Birthday to you.

As anyone would expect, the birthday song is hugely popular. With today's computers many people like to put together their own birthday presentations for a loved one - and what would a birthday presentation be without the Happy Birthday Song? To date we have quite a few versions of the 'happy birthday to you' song in both its standard format and variations of same. Birthday music as instrumentals and with vocals are both available for free download. Some examples include, the happy birthday song sung by women, sung by men (solo or otherwise), arranged with both male and female singers, the Happy Birthday to You song sung by a choir of children and even some birthday music that could fit into the rap category. Jazz / blues, ragtime and banjo instrumentals of the birthday song can also be found in this section. We hope you find what you are looking for.

 Happy Birthday Songs without Vocals Happy Birthday Music Instrumentals Page 1    [Songs without vocals - Page 1 of Free Birthday Songs & Music Downloads]
Happy Birthday to You birthday song instrumentals. Birthday music and songs with no vocals / lyrics in a variety of styles. The 'Happy Birthday to You' song is always the most common and a very popular pick but there are also some other musical birthday wishes and variations on the standard, Happy birthday to You song as well.

How to Download the Free Birthday Music
To download a birthday music file, right-click on the song link (text link on the left) then choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on the browser you are using. After that selection your browser will open a dialog box from which you will choose 'Save' to save the free happy birthday music to your computer.

The birthday music tracks downloads are divided into two sections:
songs with vocals and instrumental birthday music.

Birthday Songs with Vocals     Free Downloads Happy Birthday to You Songs with Vocals Birthday Music Instrumentals

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 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Banjo Version - Happy Birthday to You

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Happy Birthday Song Banjo Version
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Music Box Version 1 - Happy Birthday to You

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Happy Birthday Music Box 1
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Music Box Version 2 - Happy Birthday to You

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Happy Birthday to You Music Box 2
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Computer beeps Happy Birthday to You instrumental

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Happy Birthday Instrumental Music
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Dogs Barking - Happy Birthday to You

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Dogs barking the Happy Birthday Song (Intro Incomplete)
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Instrumental Happy Birthday to You

MIDI File (*.mid)
Listen - Birthday Song Instrumental

Birthday Songs with Vocals     Free Downloads Happy Birthday to You Songs with Vocals Birthday Music Instrumentals

   Page    1   2   Next >>

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
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iFact #46 - About the Speed of Sound - Interesting Facts About The Speed Of Sound

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    Interesting Facts About The Speed Of Sound

  • It was British scientist Sir Isaac Newton who gave the first analytical determination of the speed of sound in his scientific treatise, “Principia,” in 1687.
  • But it was Italian physicists Giovani Alfonso Borelli and Vincenzo Viviani who, in the 1660s, first calculated the speed of sound. They measured the time between seeing the flash of a gun and hearing its report over a long distance on a still day. Their calculation: 350 meters per second.
  • Although the equation for the speed of sound (speed = frequency x wavelength) is constant, the speed is affected by the medium through which the sound waves are propagated, as well as other conditions such as temperature and humidity.
  • Today's accepted value for speed of sound through air: 344 m/s (1,130 feet per second).
  • The first measurement of the speed of sound through solids didn't come until the early 1800s, through the experiments in sound frequency of German physicist and musician Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni, often called the father of acoustics.
  • Speed of sound through most solids: 5,960 m/s (13,332 mph).
  • Soon after, in 1826, Swiss physicist Daniel Colladon calculated the speed of sound in 8 degree Centigrade water as 1,435 m/s.
  • Today's calculation of speed of sound through water at that temperature: 1,482 m/s (3,315 mph).
  • Why is light so much faster than sound? Light is an electromagnetic wave, and its photons can move as a wave through air or as particles through a vacuum. Sound, however, is a pressure wave, which must produce a vibration to be heard. That can only occur when the wave encounters a particle of some kind, such as an air molecule.
  • The Doppler Effect is the change in the perceived frequency of sound waves. If the source of a sound and the listener are standing still, the sound waves are emitted in uniform concentric circles. But if the source moves toward the listener, the waves reaching the listener are closer together, and the listener hears a higher frequency.
  • When an aircraft travels through air at less than the speed of sound, about 770 mph, the sound waves it produces propagate ahead of it. But when it travels at supersonic speed, the distance between sound waves decreases to nothing, and they combine to create a sonic boom.
  • Flicking the tip of a bullwhip also creates a sonic boom, as does thunder.
  • An echo, or reflection, occurs when sound waves bounce off a surface. A ship in a fog can avoid running into cliffs by sounding a foghorn and waiting for the echo. If the time delay is, say, 1.5 seconds, and using 330 m/s as the speed of sound, the ship would be about 250 meters from the cliffs.
  • You can't see around a corner because light waves don't bend. But you can hear around a corner because of wave diffraction: If the wavelength of a wave is similar to the size of an object, it bends around it and spreads out as it passes.

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