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Page 2 - Free Birthday Music Songs with Vocals Downloads
Choose from a large collection of Happy Birthday Songs and music. Free, no hassle downloads. Vocal birthday songs and instrumental birthday music both available.

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 Birthday Music Songs and Instrumentals
Free Downloadable Happy Birthday Songs and Music
The melody to the happy birthday song was first written by two sisters over 100 years ago. Today, 'Happy Birthday to You' is sung by countless people around the world to celebrate the birthdays of family and friends. There are many versions to this song and an untold number of people have probably recorded it singing those familiar lyrics:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear (person's name celebrating the birthday),
Happy Birthday to you.

As anyone would expect, the birthday song is hugely popular. With today's computers many people like to put together their own birthday presentations for a loved one - and what would a birthday presentation be without the Happy Birthday Song? To date we have quite a few versions of the 'happy birthday to you' song in both its standard format and variations of same. Birthday music as instrumentals and with vocals are both available for free download. Some examples include, the happy birthday song sung by women, sung by men (solo or otherwise), arranged with both male and female singers, the Happy Birthday to You song sung by a choir of children and even some birthday music that could fit into the rap category. Jazz / blues, ragtime and banjo instrumentals of the birthday song can also be found in this section. We hope you find what you are looking for.

Know of some good birthday music that we could include here? Let us know and we'll add it to the birthday song section. Artists and musicians who would like to have their own birthday music posted are welcome to submit it to us. We'll gladly give you credit and a website link in exchange for same. You can contact us here.

The free birthday song downloads are divided into two sections, songs with vocals and birthday music instrumentals.

 Free Downloads Happy Birthday to You Songs with Vocals Birthday Songs with Vocals    Birthday Music Instrumentals

 Happy Birthday Songs with Vocals Happy Birthday Songs with Vocals Page 1    [Songs with vocals - Page 2 - Free Happy Birthday Songs with Vocals Downloads]
Birthday songs with vocals in a variety of styles. The 'Happy Birthday to You' song is always the most common and a very popular pick but there are also some other musical birthday wishes and variations on the standard, Happy birthday to You song as well.

How to Download the Free Birthday Music
To download a birthday music file, right-click on the song link (text link on the left) then choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on the browser you are using. After that selection your browser will open a dialog box from which you will choose 'Save' to save the free happy birthday music to your computer.

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 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You - New Kids on the Block Version

MP3 File (*.mp3)
Listen - New Kids on the Block Version - Happy Birthday to You
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Polka Version - Happy Birthday

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Happy Birthday Song Polka - Uptempo Toe-Tapper
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Download Birthday Music by The Pixies Three

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - The Pixies Three Singing Happy Happy Birthday Baby
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You They Say It's Your Birthday - Replication of Original Beatles Song

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - The Beatles Song They Say It's Your Birthday
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Children Sing the 'Happy Happy Birthday' Song - Free Downloads

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - The Happy Happy Birthday Song Performed by Children
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Free Download - Classic Happy Birthday to You - Duet

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Classic Happy Birthday to You - Man and Woman Duet
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You - Party Music (Yo, We Got a Birthday in the House, Where Are You?)

MP3 File (*.mp3)
Listen - The Happy Birthday Song Performed 'Celebration / Party Style' (Where Are You?)
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You Classic Birthday Song Download

MP3 File (*.mp3)
Listen - The Birthday Song - Uptempo, Vocals at Start and End Only
 Birthday Music and Songs Free Downloads - Happy Birthday to You The Happy Birthday Song Sung Beautifully

WAV File (*.wav)
Listen - Quality Female Singer Sings Happy Birthday to You

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts
iFact #44 - History of the Happy Birthday Song   (Happy Birthday to You)

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History of the Happy Birthday Song  (Happy Birthday Songs, Music, Instrumentals)
If there is one song that we all know it has to be the classic "Happy Birthday To You" song. We sing it each year and it has been translated to various languages making it a universal song. Here is a brief history of how the song came about.

History of the Happy Birthday Song
The melody and lyrics were written by two sisters - Mildred J. Hill (born 1859) and Patty Smith Hill (born 1868). Patty was a schoolteacher who developed the "Patty Hill blocks" and was a faculty member at Columbia University Teachers College. Mildred was also an educator who later on became a composer, organist and pianist. The melody was composed by Mildred and the lyrics were written by Patty but it was originally for a classroom greeting song titled "Good Morning to All." The song "Good Morning to All" was part of the book Song Stories for the Kindergarten which the sisters co-wrote and published in 1893.

From then on the lyrics were changed from its original form to "Good Morning to You" and then to "Happy Birthday to You". It is still unclear who changed the lyrics that turned it into a birthday song, but it was first published in 1924 on a book edited by Robert H. Coleman. Since then, the song became popular and in 1934, Jessica Hill, another Hill sister, filed a lawsuit because of the unauthorized use of the "Happy Birthday to You" melody which clearly resembles the melody of "Good Morning to All," the song her sisters originally wrote. In 1935, Jessica, who was working with publisher Clayton F. Summy Company, copyrighted and published "Happy Birthday".

In the 1930's the Clayton F. Summy Company was bought by John F. Sengstack and renamed it Birch Tree Ltd. In 1998, Birch Tree Ltd was in turn bought by Warner Chappell for $25 million. The company is now known as Summy-Birchard Music. It is reported that the birthday song brings in about $2 million a year in royalties with half going to Summy-Birchard and the other half to the Hill Foundation.

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