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Download Songs from The Simpsons TV Show - Music Downloads

Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Cartoons and Cartoon Characters > Songs from The Simpsons TV Show

 Free Songs from The Simpsons Television Show Downloads
Download Songs from The Simpsons TV Show - Music Downloads
Songs from The Simpsons TV Show offers free audio file downloads (Mp3 and/or Wav sound clips and recordings) of songs that were performed on The Simpsons, the popular, award winning animated series that is now the longest running television series of all time. Many of the characters from The Simpsons TV show are featured singing these songs as well as celebrities who have appeared (by voice-over and animated character) on the program.

A wide variety of songs can be found here including, Good Morning Starshine, Flaming Moes, Glory Glory Hallelujah, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Doontoon Song, The Garbage Man Can, a Flintsones parady sung by Homer Simpson, The Teddy Bear's Picnic sung by Bart Simpson, Jazz Man sung by Lisa Simpson, Send in the Clowns sung by Krusty the Clown and dozens of others. Celebrity voices include songs sung by Tony Bennett, Michael Jackson, Hank Williams Jr., the B52's and others. Of course other popular characters from The Simpsons TV show - Moe, Willy and Ned Flanders for example - also do some singing.

Songs from The Simpsons Television Show is a sub-section of the Cartoons & Cartoon Characters Sound Effects category. The complete Sound Effects Index can be found here.

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All of the free sound clip downloads below are wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) audio files unless otherwise specified.

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Free Homer Simpson Sound Effects Downloads Page 2

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The Jebediah Song (Simpsons TV Show)
'It's that team of jebediah Springfield, whip them horses let the wagons roll...'
Homer Simpson Singing The Garbage Man Can (The Candyman parady - Sammy Davis Jr.)
'Who can take your trash out, stomp it down for you, shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingy too...'
The Teddy Bear's Picnic by Bart Simpson
'Every teddy bear that's been good is sure of a treat today, there's lots of marvelous things to eat...'
The Toora Loora Loora Song
'Over in Kilarny, so many years ago, me mother sang this song to me in tone so soft and...'
The Inside Out Hallowe'en Song
'One, chorus line of people, dancing 'till they make us stop...'
In The Garden Of Eden - Song from The Simpsons TV Show
'In the garden of eden honey, don't you know that I love you, in the garden of eden, baby...'
Lisa's Birthday Song Sung by Bart Simpson
'Lisa, her teeth are thick and green, Lisa, she smells like gasoline...'
Jazz Man - Sung by Lisa Simpson
'Lift me won't you lift me, above the old routine, make it nice...'
Mr. Burns Singing See My Vest
'Some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food, the only thing I'm hunting for, is an outfit that looks good...'
Michael Jackson and Bart Sing Happy Birthday Lisa
'Lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisa, Lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisa, I wished you peace...'
Mt. Splashmore Sung by Krusty the Clown (Mount Splashmore)
'I want to go to Mount Splashmore, take me, take me, take me, take me now, now now now now now...'
The Stonecutters Theme Song (The Simpsons TV Series)
'Who controls the British crown, who gets the metric system down, we do, we do...'

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Looney Tunes Characters
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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #64 - The Simpsons Television Show - About, the First Year and Popular Characters from the Series

About The Simpsons
The Simpsons TV show is a 30 minute adult, animated comedy series on the FOX Network about a politically incorrect, dysfunctional family who make you feel that maybe your family's not so bad after all! Homer Simpson is the not-too-bright, beer-guzzling father who works as a safety inspector at the local nuclear power plant (No ... it's not safe in there!). Luckily for the Simpsons kids, their mother Marge is always there for them when they need her. She takes her job as mother and housewife very seriously. Their son Bart is a mischievous underachiever who likes to pull pranks, especially on his school's principal. Bart's younger sister Lisa is the hope of her town. She's smart, gets terrific grades in school, and everybody loves her (except Bart, of course). And then there's Maggie, the often ignored baby of the family. Together, they and the other goofy residents of Springfield keep the laughs coming, assuming you aren't totally turned off by the political incorrectness.

The Simpsons Animated Television Series - The First Year
In 1989, a team of production companies adapted The Simpsons into a half-hour series for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The team included what is now the Klasky Csupo animation house. Jim Brooks negotiated a provision in the contract with the Fox network that prevented Fox from interfering with the show's content. Groening said his goal in creating the show was to offer the audience an alternative to what he called 'the mainstream trash' that they were watching. The half-hour series premiered on December 17, 1989 with 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire', a Christmas special.

The series was originally set to debut in the fall of 1989 with the episode 'Some Enchanted Evening', which was meant to introduce the main characters. However, during the first screening of the episode, the producers discovered that the animation was so appalling that 70% of the episode needed to be redone. The producers considered aborting the series if the next episode ('Bart the Genius') turned out as bad, but it only suffered from easily fixable problems. The producers convinced Fox to move the debut to December 17, and aired 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire' as the first episode of the series. The Simpsons was the Fox network's first TV series to rank among a season's top 30 highest-rated shows.

The show was controversial from its beginning. The rebellious lead character at the time, Bart, frequently received no punishment for his misbehavior, which led some parents and conservatives to characterize him as a poor role model for children. Several US public schools even banned The Simpsons merchandise and t-shirts, such as one featuring Bart and the caption 'Underachiever ('And proud of it, man!') Despite the ban, The Simpsons merchandise sold well and generated US$2 billion in revenue during the first 14 months of sales.

List of Popular Characters from The Simpsons TV Show

Barney Gumble
Lionel Hutz
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Cap McCallister
Maggie Simpson
Marge Simpson
Chief Wiggum
Maude Flanders
Mayor Quimby
Comic Book Guy
Discu Stu
Moe Sczyslak
Dr Hibbert
Mr Burns
Dr Nick Riviera

Patty Selma
Ned Flanders
Frank Grimes
Professor FrinkGil
Reverend Lovejoy
Sherri Terri
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Bob
Homer Simpson
Sideshow Mel
Itchy Scratchy
Kang Kodos
Kent Brockman
Troy McClure
Krusty the Clown

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