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Page 6 Animal Sound Effects - Free Animals Sounds Downloads
Huge selection of totally free animals sound effects downloads from the best source of no-hassle, free media file downloads on the internet.
Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Animals, Birds, Ocean Creatures Sound Effects

Animals, Birds, Ocean Mammals, Creatures & Others - Sound Effects, Audio Clips, Natural Recordings

The free sound effects below are all wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) file audio clips unless otherwise specified.

Audio clips include animal sounds such as dogs, cats, snakes, donkeys, elephants, insects, bees, jungle birds, common birds, rare or uncommon birds, ducks, lions, dolphins, whales and a host of other great animal sound effects. The audio recordings range from simple home recordings and virtual animal sounds to beautiful, high quality sounds of birds and other animals in their natural surroundings. Lengths range from mere seconds to almost two minutes long. All audio clips are totally free downloadable audio files. We hope you enjoy them.

Right-click on a sound effect and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) to save the free audio clips to your computer.

Free Animals Sound Effects Page 6

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Angry Upset Mccaw Angry Wild Animal Growl Warning Animal Drinking Water
Animal Drinks Anteater Sucking Noises Bear Growl
Bear Grunts Growls Bear Low Long Growl Bear Warning Growl
Bear Wild Animal Growl Grunting Bear Wild Animal Mating Bird Calling
Bird Call Single Bird Chirps Bird Flying
Bird Flys Bird Parrot Screech Bird Tweets Whistles

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Free Sound Effects and Audio Clips Home

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 Free Sound Effect Audio Clips and Soundtracks at Nifter.com

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Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #1 - Stereo Music

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Stereo Music Facts
Stereo, or stereophonic sound is the reproduction of sound using two independent audio channels or speakers. The term stereophonic is derived from the Greek words stereos (solid) and phone (sound) or solid sound. Stereo sound can reproduce sounds and music from various directions or positions the way we hear things naturally, hence the term solid sound. Prior to stereophonic sound, there was monophonic, or monaural sound using one speaker. Stereophonic sound actually became popular because of film sound. The public was treated to the first commercial stereo sound track in 1940 with Walt Disney's Fantasia. It was 1952 when Chicago station WGN became the first US radio station to broadcast in stereo using their FM station to broadcast one channel and their AM station to broadcast the other. In 1957 the first stereophonic phonograph record was released featuring Dixieland jazz and railroad sound effects. Stereo sound was quickly adopted and became the standard recording format by the 1960s. By 1985, many television stations were broadcasting their signals in stereo, starting with The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Although stereo is still considered the standard, many attempts have been made to produce multichannel recordings with multiple channels of sound. While some have been successful and some not, stereo is still one of the most popular methods of sound reproduction and will probably remain so for some time to come.

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