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 Free Sound Effect Audio Clips and Soundtracks at Nifter.com Page 5 Free Sound Effects Downloads Blips Bangs and Beeps
All Free Sound Effects Downloads - The Blips, Bangs and Beeps free sound effects downloads include many noises, sounds and other audio clips that are a little difficult to describe. The title of this sound effects category, in fact, is as good a description as any. Things that bang, beep, blip noises, lots of computer sound effects, screeching machinery, scratches, beeping noises, clicks, clicking sounds, switches, metal bangs and scrapes and so on. Listening to the free sound effects that you think might interest you is always the best method of finding the sounds and noises you are looking for.

Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Blips, Bangs & Beeps - Page 5

Blips, Bangs and Beeps - Audio Clips of Strange Noises, Beeping Sounds
The free sound effects below are all wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) file audio clips unless otherwise specified. Right-click on a sound effect and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) to save the free sound files on your computer.

Page 5 - Blips, Bangs and Beeps Free Sound Effects

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Laser Swoosh Load Gun Clip / Crunch-Like Heavy Sheet Metal Drop
Simulated Metal Sound Metal Clanging Noise Metal Clanking Sound
Metal Upsweep Musical Missle Beep Sound Effect Missle Beeping Audio Clip
Modem Dial-Up (Computer Sounds) Ping or Underwater Sonar Echo Ploop Water Drop

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Free Sound Effects and Audio Clips Home

Free Sound Effects Categories
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Download 2000 Sound Effects at Once!
Grab the Sound Effects Mega-Pak and never search for free sound effects again. 2000 sound effects in 30 different categories! Other Mega-Paks also available. Follow this link for details.

The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #6 - Effects Pedals
An effects pedal (or Stomp Box) is an electronic effects unit housed in a small metal or plastic chassis used by musicians, usually electric guitar players, to modify their instrument sound. Musicians playing electronic keyboards, electromechanical organs, the electric bass, or electric violin also use effects pedals. These devices alter the sound quality or timbre of the input signal, adding effects such as distortion, fuzz, overdrive, chorus, reverberation, wah-wah, flanging, phaser or pitch shifting. The sound of a guitar or other instrument that is played without an effects pedal is described as "clean", "straight" or "dry." The TS9 Tubescreamer from Ibanez, a widely-imitated pedal adding a vacuum tube-like distortion sound using op-amps. The TS9 Tubescreamer from Ibanez, a widely-imitated pedal adding a vacuum tube-like distortion sound using op-amps.

Users refer to them as pedals because they sit on the floor and have large on/off switches on top that are activated using the foot. Some pedals, such as wah-wah or volume pedals, employ what is known as an expression pedal, which is manipulated while in operation by rocking a large foot-activated (treadle) potentiometer back and forth. The relative position of the expression pedal changes some parameter of the effect, such as a filter response in a wah pedal.

Effects pedals permit the musician to activate and deactivate effects while playing an instrument. Some musicians use rack-mounted effects processors controlled using MIDI instead of or in addition to effects pedals, since the greater size of the rack form factor usually allows more flexibility and processing power. Others prefer only using a few analog effects pedals, to avoid sending the instrument signal through multiple stages of analog-to-digital conversion, as occurs in more complicated and powerful digital effects processors.

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