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Free Video Editing Tools & Resources Archives
Archives of the free video editing tools and resources featured to date. Free video clip background screens, static backgrounds, Movie Maker transitions, special effects, titles and credits and other free downloads for video and movie makers.

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Windows Movie Maker Title Screens
There is no easier way to quickly polish a video than to add some cool title screens. They add a professional touch, make your movie more interesting right from the start and are simple and quick to implement. You can find some free animated movie maker title screens in this section as well as a selection of static, pre-made title screens - all free to download and use with your movies or videos.

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 Free Tools & Resources for Video and Movie Makers Free Tools & Resources for Video and Movie Makers - ARCHIVES
This area is home to the archived free video tools and resources regularly featured on this page. When new video tools are added to the feature page, those already existing there are moved to this section, the video tool archives.

Included here are many useful tools such as video clips, title and credits background screens and special effects that can help take your movies and videos to the next level, enhancing and polishing them until they shine. There are general video resources that can be used with most video editing software programs plus specific downloads designed for use with Windows® Movie Maker. If you like finding free special effects downloads for your video and movie making projects, bookmark the featured free video resources page and also this area, the free video tools and resources archives.

 Free Tools & Resources for Video and Movie Makers Free Video Editing Tools & Resources Archives

Video Clip Title Sreen Backgrounds
Great for adding interest to video titles in particular, the video clips below are easy to use WMV files that will work with most Windows® based video editors including Movie Maker. Just add to your videos and place your title text over-top with your video software. Simple and quick!

 Free Video and Movie Making Resources

Blue Gray Switch
'Blue Gray Switch' is a subtle animation designed to add interest without distracting the viewer from the title. It uses a blue/gray switching pattern with a shadowed, blue title plate centered in front.
Drifting Clouds
This title screen's animation is on the title plate itself, in front. As the title suggests, thick drifting clouds flow across the title plate. When you add your title in Windows Movie Maker, the clouds will appear under the text.
     Blue Gray Switch Sample Video

 Download 'Blue Gray Switch' Download Blue Gray Switch
1.5 MB Zip File
     Drifting Clouds Sample Video

 Download 'Drifting Clouds' Download 'Drifting Clouds'
4 MB Zip File
Countdown from 3   (AVI Video Clip Download)
Simple countdown screen starting from 3. The countdown displays a blue ball on a black background and uses the 'Turnover' transition from the Breakup Transitions Pack to add a subtle 'flash' to the first number (3) and to switch between numbers during the countdown.
Countdown from 10   (WMV Video Clip Download)
Black numbers on a red background. Counting down from 10, the numbers flow towards the front of the screen, overlapping each other and fading out as the countdown moves to the next number.

     Countdown from 3 Preview Video

 Click to Download Free Video Resource Download Countdown from 3
9 MB Zip File
     Countdown from 10 Preview Video

 Click to Download Free Video Resource Download Countdown from 10
8 MB Zip File

Static Title Screen Backgrounds
Use these static images as backgrounds for titles and credits screens or for other uses in your video projects. The background pictures in this section differ from computer wallpaper and other images in that, some sort of design or title plate is always added to the center of the picture for laying titles and credits over. Many people find this useful, especially for background title screens.

Click on an image to view full size in a new window.
To download the free static screens, right-click on an image and choose 'Save As...'
Wavy Jane
 Free Static Title Screen
Dark Sunset
 Free Static Title Screen
Birds on White
 Free Static Title Screen Background
3D Globe
 Free Static Title Screen Background

Important Note  The copyright notice on the static title screen images must not be removed. It is important that the copyright be left intact to maintain the integrity of our free services. Without some protection from those who have no qualms about stealing work and claiming it as their own, the free services would quickly decline. We've tried to make the copyright notices relatively obscure so they don't interfere with your production. We and thousands of other users who appreciate the free services of Nifter.com thank you for your co-operation with this small necessity. Your support helps us keep things free.

More Video / Movie Resources

 Free Video and Movie Making Tools, Resources, Add-ons and Special Effects Feature Page for Free Video and Movie Making Tools & Resources (Free Downloads)
 Title Screen Backgrounds for Movie Makers Title Screen Packs     Title Screen Backgrounds for Movie Makers Title Pack 1

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