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 Preview, rent and purchase videos and movies Video Paradise - Preview and Purchase or Rent Movies, Television Shows & Videos

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Welcome to the Video Paradise Preview Theatre - All Categories (Main) Section
An amazing selection of movies, videos and television shows that you can instantly preview with a click of your mouse. Old movies, new video releases, classic tv, older television programs and tv shows right up to present day plus thousands of other selections in a wide variety of categories. We've decdicated almost all of the page viewing area in our Video Paradise section to make your movie and video preview experience as high quality as possible.

The videos in this section contain movies and television programs from all genres. Specific genres can be selected from the links above the preview screen below.
    Viewing Instructions
  • Preview any movie, video or television show by clicking on its preview icon with the left mouse button.
  • Click on the preview screen to view full size video, movie and tv previews or return them normal size.
  • Some movies, television series (shows) and/or videos are available for rent as well as purchase. Watch the pane to the right when you select a movie or television program for more information.
  • To load more videos, click the arrow on the lower right of the movie selection pane.
Nifter.com Shopping Center - Video Paradise Preview Theatre
Video Paradise - Movie, Video and Television Show Categories
Video Paradise features the ability to preview movies, television shows and videos by individual category or include all categories in the video preview selections. To view movies, videos or TV shows from a specific category only, select the appropriate link below.
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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #35 - Facts, Information and Trivia About the Movie 'Australia' (2008)
 Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe - Stars of the movie Australia
AUSTRALIA (2008) Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe - Facts Trivia and Information

Russell Crowe was attached as the lead during pre-production. 20th Century Fox executives wanted to reduce Crowe's salary considerably, in order to appease the film's budget. This decision compelled him to ultimately leave the project.

Over 1500 wild horses were used for this movie.

It took nine months to finish the movie's principal photography.

No fewer than 15 babies were born to cast and crew, one being Kidman's daughter, during the course of the very long filming.

Even though the filming schedule was pushed back a half year, Nicole Kidman never lost her faith in the project and instead prepared for the role, by by touring the country with her family, riding horses and even castrating bulls.

Filming took nine months, plus some re-shoots in late 2008.

Heath Ledger was originally cast, but backed out to do The Dark Knight (2008).

Nicole Kidman revealed that she agreed to star in the film without reading the script. Hugh Jackman stated in an interview for 60 minutes, which aired on Sunday the 16th of October 2008, that Nicole told Hugh he had to be in the movie at a Super Bowl party, and when Hugh told her he didn't even have a script Nicole told him to forget the script, because Baz Luhrmann was directing.

The film sees Hong Kong actor and stuntman Wah Yuen make his official English language debut. Yuen, a classmate of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, has played the villain in such Hong Kong classics as Fei lung maang jeung (1988) and Dung fong tuk ying (1987), and is probably best known internationally for his role as the Landlord in Kung fu (2004).

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